Monday, March 30, 2009


This is my demon prince for the dominance war 4. Where a Demon armor creatures steal people in latch on to them like a parasite that feeds on it's victim's soul.


Here is the bad girl of my thesis, she is the rich and dangerous villain who support the main villain of this world, she was it all power and beauty.

Friday, March 20, 2009


These are some of the final works I'm doing for my thesis. One is an illustration of an action scene to show the audience the feeling of what my game is like.  The other is to show the environment of the game, and how the atmosphere of the game is. In all, I wanted to present my the mood of this world to the audience in these two illustration. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


This was for my promo-postcard the front and back.  In it, I wanted to show my final concept of my main characters with their back ground story next to them.

Concept For my Thesis

These a some of my beginning concept for the characters for my Thesis of a game maybe to be call "KOWLOON"  and also the concept of the police's transportation machine that also captures its criminal though its lower platform.


This a the famous Sun Wukong (Monkey King from "Journey to the West" which became my promo piece for many different things.  My interpretation of this particular Monkey King was inspire by the Thai culture's idea of their Monkey King so basically I mix it and change it up to my desire. 
This was also another personal piece.  I showed it in which was my first post there, haha, and I got some pretty good feedback.  This idea was to make 5 different elemental warrior from the future, which I only had time to do one, but I'll defiantly finish this idea, cuz I want to do this guy with a chain-saw...hahaha
Not too long after the new Batman movie came out I was inspire to do a piece for our be-love-it Joker.  This was a fun piece  and it was also inspire not just from the movie and also from the great illustration from Alex Ross' Joker, which was an inspiration from a old image of ballers in that certain century. 
This was a summer project for school where I had to make a dummy-book.  It was fun doing it and learning the concept of a dummy-book.  Anyway, this is a story that is recreated form the famous horror character and I made it into a funny little book with the basic story line of chase and kill.  The book is called "Thrill of Caution" of 20 pages of quick color image and 3 final ones, and the ones up above are the final ones for the book.  The reason I choice to do this was the chain-saw.  hehe....go texas haha chain-saw massacre. 

This was a small project that I worked with a friend of mine in school to recreate the story of Hercules, and I was the one to redesign him with a new look but still capture his Greek style and the Lion's cloth which has became an gauntlet to have incredible hand to hand compact with massive creatures like the one above.   In that one I really wanted to capture the horse like face that still resembles a human too, like its body.

From Work

These are works that I did with my internship, these are only parts of the whole concept of different creatures.  This game is an online multi-player RPG, which has not been release.  The first work was a 3-view image of a 7 headed dragon, the second one is a color test or a spider creature, and the last one is a set of mask for a particular creature with a Classical theme.